#Let’s start again safely!

#Let’s start again safely!

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 In order to grant the complete security of the end user, Flymax has developed  both the ozone generator and the  UV-C lamp that are able to grant the machine sanitization. 

Both systems can be installed in the machines, the ozone generator  in the automatic cup area and the UV-C lamp next to the keyboards. 

We invite you to visit our web site and look at the article that you will find in the area  “Events & News” to learn more about these systems.

 Besides the sanitization, Flymax has also developed the touchless system : by framing the QR CODE the drink can be chosen easily, quickly and safely!

 No specific APP is required, you simply need a QR CODE reader and a browser.

 Don’t waste your time, contact us immediately and we will be glad to explain you these new systems in details!